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Consular Processing

Immigration visa application through Consular Processing is an option for aliens who are outside the U.S. or who are in the U.S. but prefer processing at a U.S. consulate for strategic or convenience reasons. It can involve some tricky issues, such as the “age out” problem, financial support requirements, etc. Therefore, we recommend you go through Consular Processing with the help of an experienced attorney. We offer the following professional services related to Consular Processing to help you obtain your Green Card as soon as possible. We will:

1. Review your situation and identify any legal issues that may be important in your case;

2. Work with you in discussion of the issues and provide the proper solution or legal opinion;

3. File Form I-824 to request Consular Processing, if applicable;

4. Collect all the information and documents required for your application;

5. Help you complete Packet 3 and submit it to the NVC;

6. Make status inquiries on your pending case when necessary;

7. Respond to any government requests for additional information, documentation or evidence on your case in a timely manner; and

8. Inform you of the status of your pending case at each stage, including as the immigrant visa processing appointment

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