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H-1B visa petition

The process of filing an H-1B visa petition is challenging. Before beginning your H-1B application, experienced attorneys at our firm will consider your specific situation and evaluate every immigration option available to you, whether as a petitioning employer or a prospective alien employee. If our analysis determines that it is feasible and advantageous for you to apply under the H-1B classification, we’ll be willing and able to facilitate your application.

If you’re interested in a case evaluation at no charge, feel free to send us your information by e-mail to [email protected]. After reviewing your materials, we’ll advise you on the course of action we believe to be best for you. After you retain us for your H-1B case, we will facilitate your application by taking the following steps: * Obtain the prevailing wage determination for the job position from the National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC); if it’s in your interests or if the data are otherwise unavailable, obtain the prevailing wage determination from a private survey agency.

* Guide you as you collect all the information and documentation required for the H-1B petition, as well as, if applicable, those required for H-4 visa applications for the beneficiary’s dependent spouse and children. * File a Labor Condition Application (LCA) via ETA Form 9035 & 9035E with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), and obtain approval. * Complete requisite U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) forms and documentation, including Form I-129.

* Draft a persuasive petition letter outlining the employer’s perspective and compellingly demonstrating its need of the prospective alien employee.

* And finally, submit the comprehensive, reviewed H-1B petition package to USCIS.

* Thereafter, we’ll keep in touch with USCIS as your case is evaluated, and keep you apprised of developments throughout this waiting period.

* In the event USCIS makes a request for additional evidence on your pending case, we will respond to the request promptly, submitting the additional documentation required within the timeframe stipulated.

* As soon as USCIS makes a final determination on your H-1B application, we will promptly inform you of the result.

H-1B Premium Processing USCIS has typically offered a premium processing service for H-1B applications. For an extra $1,225, USCIS guarantees a decision within 15 business days of receiving a petition.

If and when this service is reinstated, and if you’re interested in taking advantage of the quick adjudication, one of our experienced attorneys will conduct a preliminary evaluation of your situation via an e-mail or telephone consultation. If we determine you’re eligible and well-situated to apply for H-1B status, we will complete and file your H-1B petition within three business days of receiving all required documentation from you, in effect consolidating the above procedures into a short, intensely focused duration of time.

We are here to guide professionals through the complicated H-1B application process, and minimize any and all confusion or challenges. We understand how important an H-1B visa is to you, whether as the employer or the prospective employee. Our seasoned staff and years long track record of success make us the natural choice to facilitate your H-1B petitions.

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